• Human Resources Management

    Successful entrepreneurs realize that in order to super-serve clients, they must take care of their employees.

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  • Payroll Preparation

    Little payroll problems can lead to big headaches for a small business owner

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  • Employee Benefits

    Knowing what’s important to employees means looking beyond job titles and compensation.

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  • Compliance Issues

    Take control of confusing government compliance rules & regulations

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  • Workers Compensation

    Workers compensation doesn’t have to be costly AND complicated

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In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, small business owners must spend more time than ever on customer service, sales and marketing, and managing costs.

It’s not surprising that the complex demands of managing a workforce have outgrown the experience and training of most entrepreneurs.

Aabakus® specializes in providing small businesses with affordable solutions for all of their human resources needs.

The cost of our services are far less than that of employing a HR Professional in house. Wouldn’t it be nice to hire a knowleable, dependable employee for $2.00/hr! Think Aabakus®

A partnership with Aabakus® also enables you to eliminate many of the routine payroll and personnel administration tasks. That way you can get back to what you do best: running your business. Aabakus®. Simplifying Human Resources.

In todays complex business environment, just getting a paycheck to your employees is not enough. The laws and regulations pertaining to that paycheck and that employee are numerous, and many carry costly penalties. Do it right the first time with the staff at Aabakus®