First Input Delay – A Simple Explanation


First Input Delay – A Simple Explanation

Learn what First Input Delay (FID) is, what causes it, and different solutions for improving this Core Web Vitals metrics.

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Hear from Quantum Metric’s Trevor Pyle, Director of Product Marketing, and Jason Brodie, Software Engineer Manager, break down First Input Delay and how this can affect the user’s experience.

What is First Input Delay?

Solve TBT (Total Blocking Time) & FID (First Input Delay) // Core Web Vital Series Pt: 4

I will educate you about FID first input delay metric and TBT metrics because they are related, how to identify FID first input delay and TBT and how to solve them 🙂

FID measures the time from when a user first interacts with a page (i.e. when they click a link, tap on a button, or use a custom, JavaScript-powered control, scroll doesn’t count) to the time when the browser is actually able to begin processing event handlers in response to that interaction.

TBT measures the total amount of time your webpage was blocked, preventing the user from interacting with your page.

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What is First Input Delay?

First Input Delay is a new metric to track the interaction performance of web pages. Watch to learn more about why it is important, how it is calculated and where to find your FID scores!

This video is part of our Web Performance with Akamai series and presented by Web Performance Architect, Simon Hearne. You can find him on Twitter: