How To Use Amazon Hidden Keywords To Increase Product Discoverability


How To Use Amazon Hidden Keywords To Increase Product Discoverability

Hidden keywords help Amazon customers find your products. Here's what you need to know to put the power of backend keywords to work for you.

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Learn more about how Search works on Amazon, and how to optimize your title and keywords for your products to improve discoverability of your products.
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1 Simple Trick for super EASY Keyword Research (Kindle Direct Publishing)

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In this video, I go over a simple to use trick for beginners to use when doing keyword research for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Audible ACX. Hope you enjoy!

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How SKU Ninja helps sellers and suppliers increase discoverability, content quality, and sales

New features that make SKU Ninja easier to use and a roadmap of other improvements throughout 2023

Finding Keywords for KDP in 10 Minutes

You’re going to learn how to find keywords for KDP in less than ten minutes on this video. Discover the simplicity of keyword research and how finding profitable keywords fast is VERY possible for anyone. Whether you’re publishing low content books or fiction/nonfiction books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you’ll see how to do it for free.

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